The best staff.

As seasoned professionals, we understand the value in taking care of our clients.  We work collectively as a team leveraging our over 50+ years of combined wedding planning experience to ensure you have the most useful and relevant information at your fingertips when planning your wedding.  We've seen it, we've done it,  and we can do it well for you!


Wedding Savvy is an incorporated company founded in 2002 and plans to serve brides well into the third millennium!  Raquel Shutt created a proven planning process that is taught to the entire team and then they become certified consultants.  What "proven" to us means is it has resulted in hundreds of successful events.  Our planners also must subscribe to a code of ethics and meet our high standards of service.  

Clients come first.

Wedding Savvy is known for honesty, integrity, and its undying commitment to our clients. We only take cues from one director - and that is you!  We are proud that our client list includes some of the following: professional athletes, philanthropists, football team owners, presidential candidates, Naval Commanders, prominent plastic surgeons, doctors, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, and other busy professionals!

Why hire a wedding planner?

Just as you would hire a Realtor to guide you through a major life purchase, so should you hire a wedding planner to navigate you through your event. A wedding, just like a home or a new car, is in fact a major life purchase and an occasion you will remember for the rest of your life. This purchase can be an enjoyable, stress-free planning process, as well as a day that truly brings your dreams to fruition!  

When buying a home or car, you look to an industry expert to help you find the perfect match for your needs. You trust your representative to properly advise you on critical key points as they relate specifically to you. For example, a good Realtor will listen to you to determine your needs and then turn around and find you the perfect home at the perfect price in the perfect neighborhood that you never even knew about! Your Realtor advises you on what to offer, what is overvalued, and what is a steal. Weddings and Wedding Coordinators work the very same way.